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【Official】HOTEL Hanakomichi

Reservation from homepage Regarding display of discount amount of GoTo Travel

  • About reservation from homepage

    ■All accommodation plan posted on the website are "GoTo Travel plan" except for plan with a quo card.

    Due to the system, the discount amount of GoTo Travel is not displayed, but please be assured that the amount after applying the discount will be settled and a regional coupon will be given at check-in.

    ■"if it's now.Convenience store coupons for "Campaign" can be used for lunch or when making a reservation from the website.
    ※Limited to one coupon per person per use.

Free parking campaign! | Until March 31, 2021

  • Notice of advantageous campaign for customers arriving by car

    ■All accommodation plan are eligible for the free parking campaign.

    ■If you are a guest and use a car, the parking fee during the campaign period will be free (usually 600 yen from 4 pm to 10 am the next day).

    ※If you park your car all day after the above hours or during consecutive stays, a separate parking fee will be charged.
    ※Vehicles are not allowed on the road in front of the hotel.Please Shibata parking lot (contract parking lot), which is about a 3-minute walk away.

New plan:Women's Travel 88 plan GoTo

  • Travel more reasonably with the GoTo Travel Campaign!

    ■Advantage 1
    You will receive a coffee ticket for "ROKUMEI COFFEE CO. NARA", which has won the best roasting technology in Japan), or a rice cake exchange ticket for "Nakatanidou", which is famous all over Japan for its high-speed rice cakes.

    ■Advantage 2
    Authentic Kaiseki bliss, dinner with dishes, authentic multi-course meal of Hitsuya, breakfast, comes with a passion breakfast Zen of Hitsuya

    ■Advantage 3
    A regional coupon for 2,000 yen is also included.

    ■Advantageous 4
    8,800 yen per person(After applying the discount through the GoTo Travel Campaign)

    ・We have rooms over 18㎡
    ・Early Check-in(14:00),Late Check-out(11:00)

New plan:Because now! Refresh trip support! Dinner taste in Hitsuya& breakfast plan

New plan:HP limited quo card 1,000 yen plan

  • HP limited quo card 1,000 yen plan★No smoking (GoTo / now.Not applicable)

    Comes with a QUO card that makes you happy on business trips!

    We will give you one 1,000 yen QUO card per room per night.If you stay consecutively, it will be even more reasonable!

    ※This plan comes with a QUO card, so GoTo Travel Campaign / Now.This plan is not covered by the campaign (only for those who live in Nara prefecture).

New plan::Staycation plan(Telephone reservation)

  • Vacation nearby! Support your car!

    【GoTo Travel Campaign Target plan】

    ■Advantage 1
    1 night with dinner and breakfast for 2 people per room
    Usually 30,000 yen → GoTo travel adaptation to 19,500 yen!

    ■Advantage 2
    5,000 yen worth of regional common coupons that can be used in neighboring prefectures

    ■Advantage 3
    You may be tired of driving your own car, so you can get one energy drink per person!

    ■Advantageous 4
    Free parking fee! (From 16:00 to 10:00 the next day)

    Enjoy a dinner using Nara ingredients in the renewed Japanese modern room!

    Make a reservation by phone!

    ※The price is tax-included

New plan::Leisurely continuous accommodation Kansai tour plan(Telephone reservation)

  • Let's enjoy the 3 Kansai prefectures leisurely with consecutive stays! "

    【GoTo Travel Campaign Target plan】

    ■You can prepare your own meals in the room with a kitchenette!

    Why don't you raise the cost of eating out and enjoy sightseeing by staying for a long time?
    Go to lively Kyoto / Osaka during the day and in quiet Nara at night.
    How about such a wonderful trip to Kansai where you wake up with the sound of the bells of Kofukuji Temple the morning!

    1 minute walk from Kintetsu Nara Station!
    Kintetsu Nara Station is very convenient, about 40 minutes from Kintetsu Nara Station to Kyoto and Osaka.

    ■Advantage 1
    3 people 1 room 2 nights 40,000 yen → GoTo travel adaptation to 26,000 yen!

    ■Advantage 2
    Regional common coupon 6,000 yen that can be used in Nara, Kyoto, and Osaka

    Make a reservation by phone!
    TEL 0742-26-2646

    ※The price is tax-included

1 Night/ 2 Meals Included plan《Superior Twin》

  • Enjoy great kaiseki cuisine!

    【GoTo Travel Campaign Target plan】
    【Limited to Nara citizens Now campaign target plan】

    Enjoy gorgeous kaiseki cuisine such as Miyazaki beef shabu-shabu and spiny lobster grilled (one body)!

    Japanese Meal

    ■Only for women POLA Karahari Face Care 4-piece kit with benefits!

    ■Usage fee
    Price for 2 adults / night
    From 42,000 yen(21,000 yen per person)

    ※This plan is an accommodation plan only for Rakuten Travel.

    ※The price is tax-included

Recommended! Autumn in Nara by taxi! (Telephone reservation)

  • How about sightseeing in Nara by taxi?

    【GoTo Travel Campaign Target plan】

    1 night dinner & breakfast included! It is a great plan that you can relax in a jumbo taxi and enjoy sightseeing in Nara!

    ■Jumbo taxis are available for 5 hours!
    Extension is possible for 3,300 yen for 30 minutes!

    ■For 3 people, it costs 17,333 yen per person!
     For 8 people, it's even better for 7,719 yen per person!

    There are many highlights in Nara in autumn!
    The driver will guide you to where you want to go!
    Please enjoy sightseeing in Nara!
    It can also be used for transportation to and from Kansai International Airport!

    Make a reservation by phone!

    ※The price is tax-included

Up to 25 hours stay (non smoking) plan without meals(Telephone reservation)

  • Up to 25 hours stay (non smoking) plan without meals

    【GoTo Travel Campaign Target plan】

    It is a plan that allows you to stay for up to 25 hours with check-in at 12:00 and check-out at 13:00 (normally in 15:30 / out 10:00).
    It is perfect for those who want to concentrate on their work and those who want to enjoy the area around Nara Park until after noon and relax and check out.

    ■We offer Japanese modern type rooms
    ■Nara limited design with drip coffee

    ■Usage fee Single ¥8,750
    ■From 12:00 to 13:00 the next day

    Make a reservation by phone!

    ※The price is tax-included

Long Stay Plan(Telephone reservation)

  • Staying at super early check-in!

    【GoTo Travel Campaign Target plan】

    Check in to the hotel immediately after arriving at the night bus!

    ■Usage fee 7150 yen per person
    ■Hours of use One and a half nights from the arrival of the bus to 10:00 AM the next morning.

    ■About reservation
    ・Call from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm on the day before use.
     ※Reservations prior to the previous day are not accepted.
    ・You can also change to a long stay plan by paying the difference to the short stay plan.

    Make a reservation by phone!

    ※The price is tax-included

Short Stay Plan(Telephone reservation)

  • A special plan only for customers arriving by night coach!

    【GoTo Travel Campaign Target plan】

    Please use it for changing clothes, taking a nap, taking a bath, etc.

    ■Usage fee 2,750 yen per person
    ■Hours of operation After arrival of the night bus-until 10:00 AM

    ■About reservation
    Call from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm on the day before use.
    ※Reservations prior to the previous day are not accepted.

    Make a reservation by phone!

    ※The price is tax-included

Day trip telework support plan(Telephone reservation)

  • Day trip telework support plan

    【GoTo Travel Campaign Target plan】

    For those who work in telework.
    The introduction of telework is still being promoted as a measure to prevent the spread of new coronaviruses.Please use the hotel guest room as an office.

    ■Usage fee 3,300 yen
    ■Operating hours 9:00 to 18:00

    ■Free Wifi line(Some rooms have wired LAN)
    ■1 tea bottle tea service
    ■Copies and faxes are available at the front desk(Pay)

    ※Accommodation is not available for day trip plan.
    ※There is no PC rental.

    Make a reservation by phone!

    ※The price is tax-included

About correspondence of new coronavirus of this facility

  • About correspondence of new coronavirus

    【Request to customers】
    ・Please cooperate with wearing a mask, disinfecting your fingers, etc. and measuring the temperature when you come to the museum.
    ・If you are not feeling well, we may not allow you to stay.
    ・If you feel sick during your stay due to symptoms such as coughing or fever, please inform the staff.
    ・Please avoid getting into the elevator in a crowded state.

    【Our staff's efforts】
    ・Daily temperature measurement, physical condition management, hand washing and gargling are done frequently.
    ・Customers will be asked to wear a mask.

    【About measures】
    ・Installed a hand disinfectant spray.
    ・An acrylic board is installed at the front desk.
    ・Thoroughly sterilize ventilation when cleaning guest rooms and disinfect equipment and parts to be touched.

Guidance to customers

  • Important information from the hotel.

    ■Check-in time
    Check-in time is currently between 15:30 and 21:30.
    There is no front desk staff at night.
    We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your cooperation.

    ■About telephone response time
    We are currently not accepting applications from 17:00 to 9:00 at night.
    Please contact us after 9:00.

Hanakomichi three charms

  • 1 minute walk from the station

    The center of the tourist area around the world heritage, also as a business base.
    Location that is convenient for shopping and food.
  • Room type to suit your needs

    barrier-free room (2F)
    Japanese + Western-style room (2F) with mini-kitchen etc.
    Western, Japanese-style, Japanese + Western-style rooms
  • Meal

    Original dishes made with plenty of selected seasonal produce
    Hitsuya, we offer hotel special menu,
    We also accept reservations for banquets and parties.

New Instagram Campaign!

  • HOTEL Hanakomichi Instagram Campaign!

    HOTEL Hanakomichi has also started Instagram!
    I would like to liven up HOTEL Hanakomichi and Nara with everyone!

    So follow HOTEL Hanakomichi,
    Please upload a photo of your memories of HOTEL Hanakomichi!

    ① “Great Buddha lotion face mask” using natural materials from Nara
    ② "Shikamaru-kun washable mask" of the local character "Shikamaru-kun"
    We will give you one of either ① or ②!

    Please feel free to join us!

    ・Only once per person during stay.
    ・Campaign only during your stay.
    Shipping is not possible at a later date.


  • Click here for Instagram

    HOTEL Hanakomichi has also started Instagram!
    We are planning to upload great coupons, etc.
    Please follow me!
    Instagram campaign is also underway!


Brochure for groups

Accommodation Plans

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Guidance in this facility

  • shopping

    There is a boutique on the first floor of the hotel.
    ROYAL Hanakomichi
  • Restaurant

    For meals, please go to the Hitsuya on the 1st floor of the hotel.
    Please enjoy the dishes prepared by chefs who are passionate about the ingredients of "seasonal" and "local things".
    Breakfast for lunch, lunch for everyone, who knows
    Dinner is from seasonal dishes to multi-course meals・・・・

    And time flows slowly
    Have a memorable time with your loved ones in our private party room.・・・・
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Transportation access to the hotel

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Hotel Name

HOTEL Hanakomichi


23 Konishi Town, Nara City

Telephone number



1 minute walk from Kintetsu Nara Station Exit 4・JR Nara Station 12 minutes on foot.
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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.