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【Official】HOTEL Hanakomichi

Construction of bathtubs in some guest rooms has been completed.
The bathroom is now larger than before, so you can relax even more.

Important information for customers

  • Guidance to customers

    ■Check-in time
    Check-in time is between 15:30 and 22:00.
    Also, after 22:00 at night, the front desk staff will be absent,
    Self check-in is available for arrivals after 22:00.
    Please contact us in advance so we can tell you the details.

    ■About telephone response time
    The reception is closed from 21:00 to 8:00 the next morning.

    ■About the restaurant
    Irregular holidays
    March is the 6th (Wednesday) and April is the 17th (Wednesday).
    Breakfast the next morning is also closed.
    Breakfast must be reserved by the day before check-in.
  • Enjoy a safe and secure hotel stay.

    For our guests at HOTEL Hanakomichi
    We strive to ensure that you can use our hotel with peace of mind.

    Reassurance 1: Staff are stationed 24 hours a day to respond to guests staying at the hotel.
    Reassurance 2: Firefighting inspections have passed, and the staff always pays attention to safety.
    Reassurance ③ Thoroughly disinfecting and cleaning, we are trying to keep cleanliness above all.
    Reassurance ④ We have already acquired barrier-free certification, giving all customers peace of mind.

    We want our guests to feel safe and secure in our clean rooms.
    A hotel where you can have a pleasant morning
    At HOTEL Hanakomichi, we are always thinking.

Chance to get a Quo Card just by staying the night!

  • A winning campaign for those who stay overnight on a business trip

    When checking in, please tell the front desk staff a keyword that indicates that you are staying for business purposes, such as "business trip, business, work...".
    One 500 yen worth of Quo Card will be given to each person.

    ※Limited time offer until the end of February.
    ※Excludes Saturdays and days before holidays.
    ※Since it is a first-come, first-served basis, if the planned number of distribution is reached, the campaign will end at that point.
    ※Even if you stay for consecutive nights, you will only receive one ticket.

Reservation benefits from this homepage!

  • Mosquito net dish towel present!

    Make a reservation from this homepage, or
    To customers who made a reservation by phone after viewing the website
    We'll give you HOTEL Hanakomichi original mosquito net towel!

    TEL 0742-26-2646

    ※When making a reservation by phone
    Please tell us that you saw the homepage.

HP limited plan with QUO card worth 1000 yen(Non-smoking)

  • Supporting Business Trip Plan

    This is a business trip support plan that includes a QUO card worth 1,000 yen that can be used at participating convenience stores and family restaurants nationwide.

    ※A QUO card (worth 1,000 yen per room/night) will be given to you at check-in.
    ※If you stay for 2 nights or more, you will be given one night each.

HP limited Get tipsy in your room plan(Non-smoking)

  • This is a date only plan.

    We will give you a bottle of low-malt beer (350ml) and a small bag of snacks.
    There are supermarkets and convenience stores nearby, but
    Recommended for those who find it troublesome to go outside.

    ※Please refrain from making reservations for minors.
     If a minor applies, a soft drink will be provided.
    ※Last check-in is at 21:30.

HP limited easy plan(No meals, no smoking)

  • HP limited easy plan(No meals, no smoking)

    Refresh your "Kiketa" body in Nara!

    Welcome.To Hanakomichi in "Neki" of Kintetsu Nara Station.
    We look forward to welcoming you to "Let's go around from a good night".

    Special Advantages
    ・With a little "Hoseki"
    ・With 1 soft drink
    ・Upgrade from standard type room
    ・Early check-in from 14:00,Late check-out ~ 12:00
    ・A well-known store that sells old-fashioned mochi:Nakatanidou rice cake voucher included 1 per person

Recommended for those who want to enjoy Nara's local sake!

  • Two-meal plan with sake tasting set! Plus souvenirs!

    ◆13,000 yen per person(Tax included)
    ◆Enjoy homemade meals made with local ingredients
    Two meals are included: dinner and breakfast.
    ◆Nara local sake tasting set
    ・Mimuro cedar, Yoshino cedar barrel sake, Kisenju, Umenoyado Kobai, Harushika Super Dry
    Please choose your favorite 3 types from the above 5 types.
    ◆Please enjoy `` Yamato no Tsuyu'' produced by service managers in Nara.
    I'll give it to you as a souvenir!

    ※For reservations and inquiries, please call us!
    ※The sake set is only available at dinner time.
    ※Contents may change depending on season and purchasing status.
    ※Please apply at least 2 days before your desired date.

HP limited 1 night plan with dinner & breakfast(flower)

  • 1 Night/ 2 Meals Included plan(flower)

    For dinner, Hitsuya's colorful original set,
    For breakfast, please enjoy Hitsuya's Passion Breakfast Set.

    ※Campaign registration is now closed.
    ※The photo is an image of dinner.
    ※The contents may change depending on the season and purchasing situation.

Hotel guests receive discounts on meals at the restaurant!

  • Hotel guest discount coupon presentation!

    For guests staying at HOTEL Hanakomichi
    The meal at "Restaurant Hitsuya" on the 1st floor of the main building
    Enjoy 10% OFF
    We will give you a meal discount coupon.

    Only available during dinner hours
    From 17:00 to 21:00 Last order 20:00

    ※Not applicable to drinks.
    ※Not available for lunch.
    ※It may not be available depending on the reservation status on the day.
    ※The photograph is an image.
    ※Discount coupons are available at the front desk.

About room upgrades

  • Relaxing Japanese modern style

    Last spring, our new guest rooms reopened!
    It is a modern room based on Japanese style.
    The warmth of wood creates a relaxing atmosphere.
    In addition, since the bathtub is wider than before,
    You can relax and wash away the fatigue of your trip.

    We are accepting upgrades!
    Customers who have reserved a normal type room
    With an additional charge of 2,200 yen (tax included)
    We will upgrade your room to a new room!

    ※It may not be available depending on the day.
    ※The photograph is an image. You cannot specify the room type.

Access to parking lot

  • Guidance of partner parking lot "Shibata parking lot".

    ◆For customers arriving by car
    partner parking lot
    【Shibata parking lot】Please use TEL 0742-26-4340.
    Parking fee 500 yen (From 16:00 to 10:00)

    If you are a hotel guest and use a car
    Please enjoy the parking fee from 16:00 on the day of check-in to 10:00 the next morning.
    You can park for 500 yen.
    ※If you park your car all day outside of the above hours or during consecutive stays,
     A separate parking fee will be charged.
    ※Vehicles are not allowed on the road in front of the hotel.
    ※On Sundays and public holidays, Sanjo-dori street is closed to traffic until 19:00 at night.
    Please go around from the one-way street next to Hotel Mimatsu.

Breakfast at Hitsuya

  • Please enjoy the morning while feeling the history of Nara.

    ※Please make a reservation by the day before your stay.
    Reservations cannot be made on the day of check-in.

    It is a homemade breakfast that incorporates local ingredients.

    Simmered tofu(Tofu, enoki mushrooms, mizuna),Nara prefecture vegetable salad,
    Squid making,Grilled salmon with salt,Soup roll,Boiled food,Mentaiko,
    Salted plum,Narazuke,Yuzu radish,Nozawana,Miso soup,
    rice(Koshihikari from Nara Prefecture)

    Hitsuya special breakfast 1,650 yen(Tax included)

    ※The contents may change depending on the season and purchasing situation.

Recommended points of Hanakoji!

  • 1 minute walk from the station

    The center of the tourist area around the World Heritage Site,
    Also as a base for business.
    For shopping and dining
    Convenient location.
  • Room type to suit your needs

    barrier-free room (2F)
    Japanese-style room with kitchenette + Western-style room (2F), etc.
    Choose from Western-style rooms and Japanese + Western-style rooms
  • Meal

    We used abundantly selected seasonal ingredients
    We offer original dishes.
    We also accept reservations for banquets and parties.

Hanakomichi tea porridge story.

  • Nara's local cuisine【Tea porridge】

    In Nara, there is a food called "tea porridge" related to Todaiji Temple.
    Generally, put roasted bancha or powdered tea in a cotton tea bag, cook well, pull up the bag, put washed rice and cook for 15 to 20 minutes.
    It is famous as something that the trainees eat for a midnight snack when taking water.
    In the Edo period, people began to pay attention to it.
    It was Yajuro Idoya who created the opportunity.
    The sanity of the mansion is located on the west side of Konishi Sakura-dori Shopping Street
    There are various theories that it was around the place where the current "HOTEL Hanakomichi

Neighborhood pride map

  • There are many places to be proud of in the neighborhood of HOTEL Hanakomichi

    ① Nakatanidou 
    Famous for high-speed rice cake making! The fastest and most delicious wormwood mochi in Japan!
    Enjoy home-roasted specialty coffee at Japan's number one roaster's shop.
    ③ LAMP BAR
    Enjoy the best cocktails in the world by the best bartenders in the world.
    ④ Onishi-yu
    The chimney is a landmark! The old-fashioned public bath with the atmosphere of Showa is valuable!
    ⑤ Mando general rules
    Offering "Buto Manju" to the festival of Kasuga Taisha Shrine.A long-established Japanese sweets shop!
    ⑥ Imanishi Main Store
    The topic is the black Narazuke that has been aged for over 10 years and goes well with sake!



School trip materials

Short Stay Plan(Telephone reservation)

  • A special plan only for customers arriving by night coach!

    After arriving by night coach, use it for changing clothes or taking a nap
    give me!

    ■Usage fee 3,300 yen per person(Tax included)
    ■Hours of operation 7:00 to 10:00

    ■About reservation
    Call us between 9:00 and 19:00 the day before the day of use.
    ※We do not accept reservations made before the day before.

    Make a reservation by phone! Tel:0742-26-2646

Accommodation Plans

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Guidance in this facility

  • shopping

    The first floor of the hotel Boutique ROYAL Hanakomichi

    ◆Business hours 11:00 to 19:00

    TEL 0742-23-9553
  • Restaurant

    For meals, please Restaurant Hitsuya the Japanese Restaurant Hitsuya on the 1st floor of the hotel.
    Please enjoy the dishes prepared by chefs who are passionate about the ingredients of "seasonal" and "local things".
    Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are from seasonal dishes to kaiseki meals.

    Then, spend a memorable time with your dear friends in the reserved party room where time passes.

    ※Please refrain from entering the restaurant with yukata (gown) or slippers.

    ◆Opening Hours
    11:30 to 14:30 noon(Lo.13: 30)
    From 17:00 to 21:00 at night(Lo.20:00)

    ◆Irregular holidays
    March is the 6th (Wednesday) and April is the 17th (Wednesday).
    We will also be closed for breakfast the next morning.

    TEL 0742-23-9551
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Transportation access to the hotel

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Hotel Name

HOTEL Hanakomichi


23 Konishi Town, Nara City

Telephone number



1 minute walk from Kintetsu Nara Station"Exit 4" 12 minutes walk from JR Nara Station
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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.