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Information for HOTEL Hanakomichi Member's Card, Admission fee, Annual fee free

  • It is the guidance of the member's card of various benefits. As admission fee, annual convention fee is free, please use.
  • Hanakomichi Member's Card*Mahoroba members*

    Special Advantages
    1 500 yen accommodation discount voucher available to be used at the next stay.
    2 Check out time extended by 1 hour.
    3 Accommodation card, just enter your name OK.
    4 For guests who introduce you, a 500 yen accommodation discount ticket is awarded.
    Dinner service with 55 points or free night stay with 10 points.
    6 plus 1 point for guests staying in the month of the month.
    7 Use the hotel's restaurant 1 point for 3,000 yen or more.

Start of cashless payment

  • We started supporting cashless payments on April 1, 2020 (Wednesday).

    ※Some brands are not available.
    ※It may not be available depending on the plan.
    ※Please note that some parking lots, courier fees, etc. may not be available. Please check with the front desk for details.

Souvenir "Narakobako" is now on sale!

  • Sorry to keep you waiting!

    The souvenir "Narakobako", which has been more popular than before, is now on sale in a new package!

    【Nara Kobako】 Stand pouch type 2 types

    ・Deer candy strawberry flavor, matcha flavor(mix)
    ・Great Buddha Candy soda flavor
     12 pieces each(Each one in a small bag)

    Price 500 yen each(Tax included)

    HOTEL Hanakomichi is on sale at the souvenir corner in front of the front desk on the 2nd floor of HOTEL Hanakomichi!