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Information for HOTEL Hanakomichi Member's Card, Admission fee, Annual fee free

  • It is the guidance of the member's card of various benefits. As admission fee, annual convention fee is free, please use.
  • Hanakomichi Member's Card*Mahoroba members*

    Special Advantages
    1 500 yen accommodation discount voucher available to be used at the next stay.
    2 Check out time extended by 1 hour.
    3 Accommodation card, just enter your name OK.
    4 For guests who introduce you, a 500 yen accommodation discount ticket is awarded.
    Dinner service with 55 points or free night stay with 10 points.
    6 plus 1 point for guests staying in the month of the month.
    7 Use the hotel's restaurant 1 point for 3,000 yen or more.